A good relationship is built on trust

Understanding and fulfilling customer needs by delivering the most practical, safe and high-quality building solutions at an affordable price, by leveraging the benchmark technology in the industry and providing continuous support, thus creating relationships for ever.

‘Favourite Care’ Team of Favourite Homes offers a comprehensive range of residential up keeping services for the homes done by Favourite Homes, as Favourite Homes is indebted to you for trusting in its quality and for being a part of the Favourite Homes family.

The most important feature is maintenance of your property by the Favourite Care team. As you are aware, the key to get a nice appreciation on your property is by maintaining it well. It is also fulfilling to enter your home at any time of the day and see that it is always clean, clutter-free and well kept. We believe that the last thing that should bother you is the prompt upkeep and maintenance of your Apartment. Allow us to take care of your Apartment and maintain it in its pristine shape, throughout the year.

We have also arranged our staff to take care of all your monthly utility bill payments like taxes, telephone and electricity bills etc. You can be assured that all such payments will be systematic and prompt.

Rental/resale services offered under Favourite Care include undertaking the creation of promotional materials, advertisements and initiating the sales processes to help you get the best rental/resale deal on your property. We continuously strive to do all that is necessary to make sure that you remain happy with Favourite Homes. For us, a relationship with you is for life. Always.


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